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Stucco repair and painting

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Stucco repair and painting

Five Star Services’ exterior painting specialists are well-equipped to manage your demands for stucco painting and repair. Bid farewell to cracks, bulging stucco, and dark stains. Your home will soon appear brand new once we work our magic, restore any damaged exterior, and repair any inside issues. Our locally owned and managed staff will consult with you to identify what stucco repairs your property need since we value providing personalized customer care. All of this at a cost you can bear, Stucco repair and painting.


Cracks develop as a result of your building’s steady movement and the cyclical nature of the weather. Lath that has been fitted incorrectly and stucco that has been mixed incorrectly can also result in cracking.


Sometimes using repair methods alone won’t solve your stucco issue; you’ll require remediation. Water damage is one of the most typical issues with stucco siding. Mold development is quite likely if it isn’t handled. When stucco is damaged, we evaluate any structural issues and replace it.


The biggest benefit of using primer on stucco is that it hides the areas where repairs have been made and leaves a smooth surface. It should prevent the stucco from absorbing moisture from the siding. A smooth surface is created by sealing dry stucco with an elastomeric/waterproof primer prior to painting.

Why Pick Professional Stucco Painters for the Exterior?

The most recent technology is accessible to our team at Five Star Services for painting and repairing stucco. Our experts will be able to evaluate your demands and provide you with a number of solutions, but the technique we use to fix your stucco depends depend on the issue.

You now have options, therefore. Furthermore, you can be confident that your stucco repair and painting will be done correctly and that you will receive the peace of mind you deserve because our exterior stucco painters have years of expertise.



5 STAR SERVICES, being a company specialized in the commercial and residential renovation and construction services market, we operate in all cities in the state of Florida, providing the highest quality to customers and offering the best in the segment, with the help of experienced employees and highly qualified.

We value your time, investment and patrimony!

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