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Power washing

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Power washing

Is the process of cleaning outdoor surfaces using pressured water to remove dirt, algae, and other impurities. The powered device that makes it possible to clean the surface is a power washer, sometimes referred to as a pressure washer, Power washing.

Depending on the machine being used, the surface being cleaned, and the person doing the work, many methods may be employed.

We’ll go into more detail about power washing and the typical techniques for cleaning surfaces in this section. Continue reading to find out how power washing and pressure washing are different, as well as when high-pressure and soft cleaning are appropriate.

A few online publications distinguish between pressure washing and power washing by pointing out that the latter uses hot water while the former does not.

However, the term itself doesn’t reveal as much as you may think. The words “power washing” and “pressure washing” are equivalent in everyday usage.

For instance, the name of our business is “Five Star Service.” To avoid giving the idea that we prefer high-pressure washing over soft washing, we employ the word “power”.

We believe that “power” combines the two concepts into one. In other words, we don’t only employ soft cleaning or high-pressure washing techniques. We at Five Star Services clean the area at hand using only the safest, most efficient ways.

How a Five Star Services Cleans Perfectly?

You now know the answer to the question, “What is power washing?” Our skilled professionals at Five Star Services thoroughly clean exterior surfaces while always applying a safe amount of pressure and letting the cleansers do the bulk of the job.

We adjust the pressure we apply for the surface we are cleaning since no two surfaces are the same. With more than 350 works performed, we have the expertise to accomplish any task safely and effectively.



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